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Voice Studio Policies


As a member of the LoSciuto Voice Studio, students study only with me and do not also study with another voice teacher at the same time. 

Voice teachers are trained quite differently, so both teaching content and style can vary widely.  Both voice students and their voice teachers can easily become confused or frustrated when students study with more than one voice teacher at the same time.

Voice students studying with one voice teacher at a time protects and benefits both the student’s learning and also the professional relationship between all voice teachers.



Students are allowed 1 makeup lesson due to sickness per quarter.



Lessons missed due to weather will be made up in a master class to be scheduled in the following month.



Students have 2 or 4 lessons each month. Please plan to attend all lessons. Absences due to other activities will not be made up. When you anticipate an absence, please make arrangements with another student to swap lesson times. If 2 or more lessons are missed over the course of the session, you risk losing your spot at the studio.


I understand how challenging it can be for active teens that are busy with athletics, drama, academics, dance lessons, piano lessons, student government, and jobs in addition to weekly voice lessons. I know that situation because I WAS one of those busy kids! Given enough notice, I am sure that we can arrange lesson trades when conflicts do arise. To plan a lesson trade, please review the lesson calendar and student contact sheet.


Students are expected to give one month's notice prior to leaving the studio so that their spot can be filled.



It is important that students PRACTICE during the week.  Anything that is learned in a lesson should be practiced and memorized for the next lesson.  This will allow us to continue to make progress in the studio. Students should practice at least (3) 30 minutes sessions each week and come prepared for each lesson with their voice binder, pencil, and water. I am happy to review any video or mp3 files during your “off” week to help you grow in between lessons.


Thank you for being a part of the LoSciuto Voice Studio.  It is my privilege to teach such fantastic students.

               -Janelle LoSciuto

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